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Lenormand is a method of Cartomancy that differs from Tarot and other Oracles in that there are fewer cards, simpler meanings and less focus on interpretative imagery.Β Using clear tokens such as “House”, “Stars”, “Child” etc Lenormand focuses on practical and often pressing matters and questions.Β 

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Why me?

I wish I could say I’ve always been a regular girl with absolutely no weird experiences but in my almost forty years – I can’t!

I am a writer, a Lenormand reader, a widow and a parent. I’ve been through homelessness, the divorce process, two births, suicide of spouse and many years of repressing – pushing away – the strange and unexplained.

My journey has started and stopped so many times through fear or misinformation and yes I am still learning my craft and I hope to always be.Β  I started reading with Runes when I was 13, went through a stage with Tarot and then onto Oracle cards for many years. I took up Lenormand as an alternative to traditional Tarot although my main focus of future interest lies in developing without the aid of divination tools I currently use the Lenormand method as a springboard. This is my contribution to raising awareness and cultivating a better life for you and those around youΒ  – I hope you enjoy it!

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H.J. Tanner

20 + years Cartomancy

M.A. Newcastle University 2006

Diploma in Business, Durham 2000

+44 191 706 8090
Thank you for the warning and for getting it so right you bloody clever sausage! – Jill, Manchester
Spooky and accurate. You have a flair for this! – Emma, London