Amsterdam & Beyond!

So we are back from our Amsterdam trip – sort of sick – a little dizzy. Pretty happy though that we got the adventure we needed. Everything can get a little samey day to day when you have a pre-schooler and work for yourself.

On the downside I got sick from air conditioning and seriously considering some sort of surgical mask for flights. I saw Billy Corgan do it – makes perfect sense. In hindsight now I wish I had thought to! It messed up my already malfunctioning balance problem, (damn balance problem already had me quit Kickboxing as well and I miss it badly). What can you do? The world spins like starry night and everyone looks at you as though you are some sort of nuts. I was holding up that class. I must find a long term cure for this crap.

Anyway! You guys are really bolstering me in terms of this free hour I am offering. Free reading every week, two cards by email or DM. I am never short, I always have a wait list before we begin and someone new pops up each week. Repeat clients come in and out and we do some consulting and then go our separate ways for a bit and then get together a week later. It’s one hour only – it’s free. If you want to join in please follow my IG @hjtannerma

Most of my private and personal readings come direct or by email. I do have a store on etsy for those who want to buy through a third party they trust. Etsy is cute. It works for me. If you buy through etsy though please leave a review in return – it’s how the site operates! Go to the store link here on my site to send you through to the etsy listings.

On YouTube I released an archive of July’s extendeds and soon enough a troll came along to make my day. They called me all the names under the Sun and then told me that my Husband dying was karma for me doing the readings.

Mate. I have looked into the eyes of a 19 hour old dead man laid out on a slab and then gone to have tea with my kids. I can handle your shit but it does not mean I appreciate it. I report any personally negative attacks. I like to keep things as clean as possible because I want to reach everyone. I am up on that podium as is anyone who puts their work on social media. We will get picked apart by those who don’t like our face. It won’t stop us though.

Somewhere in all this I turned 40 and am enthusiastic about the guitar again. I look at the guitars and think – yep – this is okay we are gonna get back together, we were good together. I look at my bow and think – just a few more things I am duty bound to do and then you and I are out in the woods shooting trees.

Things are looking better and brighter since we came home. I am halfway through the August 2nd Half YouTube series as energy was low today – mind flagging, body not following.

Til next week!

H x